Comparison of The Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Natural Antimicrobial Feed Additives on Lipid Oxidation, Microbial Content and Quality of Broiler Raw Meat

Senay Sarıca, Dursen Urkmez


The study aimed to compare the effects of dietary supplementation of probiotic and olive leaf-, grape seed- and pomegranate peel extracts as natural antimicrobial on lipid oxidation, microbiological content and quality of raw broiler meat. Chickens were fed the control diet (CONT) and diets supplemented with probiotic (P), oleuropein (olive leaf extract, OLE100 and OLE200), proanthocyanidin (grape seed extract, GSE100 and GSE200) and proanthocyanidin (pomegranate peel extract, PPE100 and PPE200) at 100 and 200 mg/kg levels to the CONT diet. All dietary treatments significantly reduced MDA value of breast meat at 9th day, total aerobe bacteria and coliform bacteria contents of breast meat at 14th day. The P, OLE200, PPE100 and PPE200 diets significantly decreased lactic acid bacteria content of breast meat at 14th day. The pH value of raw breast meat at 24 h was significantly reduced by dietary treatments compared to the CONT diet. Feeding the P, PPE100 and PPE200 diets significantly increased water holding capacity of breast meat compared to those of broilers fed the CONT, GSE100 and GSE200 diets. The P, OLE200, PPE100 and PPE200 diets significantly reduced drip loss of breast meat at 7th day compared to the CONT, OLE100, GSE100 and GSE200 diets. Cooking loss of breast meat was significantly decreased by all dietary treatments except GSE diet compared to the CONT diet. It was concluded that probiotic, olive leaf- and pomegranate peel- extracts have potential to be used as natural antimicrobial feed additives in terms of the lipid oxidation, microbial content and quality of broiler meat.


Broiler; natural feed additives; probiotic; antimicrobial; antioxidant; meat quality

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