Comparison of Greenhouse Fuel Consumption Calculated Using Different Methods with Actual Fuel Consumption

Abdullah Nafi Baytorun, Zeynep Zaimoğlu, Adil Akyüz, Sait Üstün, Ali Çaylı


Heat requirements in greenhouses are calculated considering greenhouse type, the climate of the region and temperatures desirable for plant growth. Calculations made according to daily average temperature values lead to misleading results during periods when temperatures are high and under conditions when greenhouse temperature is kept low. For this reason, determining heat requirements according to hourly values provides more accurate results. Calculations of heat requirements in greenhouses are based on the difference between the desired temperature in the greenhouse and the outside temperature. However, in unheated greenhouses and those that are not ventilated until a specific temperature, actual temperature values are higher than outside temperatures. For this reason, heat requirement calculations should be made according to hourly climate values taking into account actual temperature in the greenhouse and temperature rise resulting from greenhouse specifications. This study aims to compare the amounts of fuel consumed under real conditions with fuel consumption calculated with conventional methods using inside and outside temperature difference and considering the above mentioned inconveniences. Daily fuel consumption calculated theoretically differs from actual consumption values. However, in comparisons based on fuel amounts consumed on an annual basis, best results were obtained when temperature rise in the greenhouse was taken into consideration. In the event that temperature rise is taken into consideration, a 3% difference is observed between calculated fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption.


Greenhouse; Greenhouse heating; Heat requirement; ISIGER-SERA; Fuel consumption

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