Assessment of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Some Fish Species from Batlama Stream, Eastern Black Sea Coast

Mustafa Türkmen, Ekrem Mutlu, Sena Zebel, Aysun Türkmen


Present study assessed the heavy metal accumulation in muscle and gill tissues of some fish species from Batlama stream in Giresun Coast. Heavy metal levels in analyzed fish were found as Co: 1.47-1.64 Cr: 0.09-0.36, Cu: 0.92-11.0, Fe: 8.01-17.6, Mn: 1.46-2.20, Ni: 2.69-3.55, Pb: 1.83-2.63, Zn: 9.80-17.0 in ppm for muscles; Co: 2.14-3.99, Cr: 0.20-0.58, Cu: 1.32-22.6, Fe: 52.2-140, Mn: 13.1-20.3, Ni: 7.85-13.6, Pb: 2.75-6.28, Zn: 37.5-80.8 in ppm for gills. Additionally, daily and weekly intakes were estimated for muscle tissue. Because these values were markedly below the limits recommended by different international authorities, it may be said that consumption of these species from the Batlama stream in Giresun Coast is not a problem on human.


Heavy metal; Fish; Tolerable intakes; Batlama stream

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