Phytophthora Root Rot Diseases Occurring on Forest, Parks, and Nurseries in Turkey and Their Control Measures

Seçil Akıllı Şimşek, Yakup Zekai Katırcıoğlu, Salih Maden


Phytophthora species, as a member of Oomycetes are important plan diseases occurring on almost all of the annual and perennial plants and rapidly killing the plants by producing root, collar rots and leaf blights. The first Phytophthora study on forest trees in Turkey was made on oak species which is the most widespread tree in the country. Seven Phytophthora species, namely P. cinnamomi, P. citricola, P. cryptogea, P. gonapodyides, P. quercina, Phytophthora sp. 1 and Phytophthora sp. 2’ were found to cause dieback and death on oaks, P. quercina being the most frequently encountered. The second most common tree having Phytophthora infections is sweet chestnut and root rots caused by Phytophthora were determined everywhere chestnut grow in the country. Four species were found on chestnut and the most frequently occurring two species are P. cambivora and P. cinnamomi occurring in the inner part and in the coastal areas of the country respectively. The third and fourth species, P. plurivora and P. cryptogea were observed in the decreasing order respectively. From the above mentioned species, P. cambivora and P. cryptogea were also reported from black pine at one location in the newly reforested location. From the other forest trees; various Phytophthora species were reported; P. lacustris from narrow leaved ash, P. plurivora, P. occultans from boxwood, P. citrophthora and P. cactorum from horse chestnut, P. nicotianae from Ailanthus sp. Phytophthora diseases were also found in a few nurseries growing forest an ornamental trees. P. cinnamomi, P. cryptogea, P. cactorum, P. citricola, P. megasperma and P. syringae were found to cause disease on various forest tree saplings. Elaborate information on Phytophthora diseases is being given in the review.


Phytophthora; Forest; Garden; Nursery; Turkey

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