Analysis of the Socio-Economic Constraints of Small Ruminants’ Production in West Bank-Palestine

Yahya Istaitih, Makbule Nisa Mencet Yelboga


This study analysed the socio-economic constraints facing small ruminants’ production in West Bank Palestine. Therefore, it investigated the sites of Al-thaheryia and Facuoa and included. From primary data collected from different sources, 170 small ruminants’ rearers have been randomly selected. Additionally, two workshops have been implemented to gather both quantitative and qualitative data through discussion and brainstorming. Descriptive statistics; frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Chi-square test and T-test are used to shape the socioeconomic constraints facing by small ruminants rearers. The findings revealed a need for extension system to enhance small ruminants’ productivity.


Constraints; small ruminants; Palestine; West Bank; Income

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