Comparison of Three Different Models Used in the Estimation of Lactation Curve

Melis Çelik Güney, Gökhan Tamer Kayaalp, Gökhan Gökçe, Serap Göncü


In this study, the lactation curve of the milk yield datas of 45 Holstein which were taken from Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture, Research and Application Farm, Dairy Cattle Unit were estimated. Three different models, gamma function, exponential function and parabolic exponential function, were used in the estimation of the lactation curve. When compared models, R-squared and mean squared error (MSE) were used as criteria. The analyses were made with Minitab 13.0 V. The graph was drawn with Microsoft Excel 2007. As a result of the study, the model giving the lowest mean squared error and the highest R-squared value was determined as Gama function model. This model is the best among the models used. When the significance test of the parameters, all the parameters were found statistically significant.


Holstein; Lactation curve; Gamma function; Exponential function; Parabolic exponential function

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