Our Traditional Product Doner; Production Methods, Quality Characteristics and Development Studies

Gülen Yıldız Turp, Buket Yıldırım


Doner is a kind of kebab which is produced after marinating meat and spitting the fat with marinated meat then cooked in the doner cooker. Doner is our traditional product that is consumed gladly and its production is growing day by day in our country and in different countries of the world. The increasing demand for this product, which is unique to our country, has led researchers to work on doner and to raise awareness of consumers. When the limited number of studies are examined, it is concluded that the chemical properties of the doners presented to consumption in Turkey are generally in conformity with the standards, but their microbiological characteristics vary and can have risks for health. In addition to the studies related to doners offered for sale, it has been observed that there are studies in the direction of identifying and developing the factors that affect the quality of doners, however, in recent years formulation development studies have intensified. In this study, studies on doner were compiled and doner production, quality characteristics of doners offered for sale, the effects of different factors on doner production and product properties development researches were investigated, in this way it was intended to provide a collective overview to our traditional product doner.


Doner; Doner production; Chemical; Microbiological; Sensory properties

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