Determination of the effect of different frequency ultrasound waves on the color and shelf life of vacuum packaged marinated anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus)

Zayde Ayvaz, Fikret Çakır, Hatice Gündüz, Mehmet Erdağ


Suitability of marinated anchovies for ultra sound application as well as the effect of ultra sound on the shelf-life and color properties of marinated anchovies were investigated. In this regard, TVB-N, TBAR’s, pH, texture profile, water activity and color analyses were conducted on varying level of ultra sound (250 W/L, 500 W/L, 750 W/L for group A, B and C, respectively) applied vacuum-packaged marinated anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus) during their shelf-lives. Based on the TVB-N results obtained, shelf-lives of marinated anchovies for group A and B were determined as 4 months; while the shelf-life of group C was only 3 months. It was found that the ultra sound treatment of 750 W/L shorten the shelf life of marinated anchovies. No microbiological growth was observed in any group during the shelf-life. According to the color values obtained using computer vision technology and sensory test results, group A was determined as the best group. Considering all the results, low-density ultra sound application was found to be beneficial on the color and texture profiles of marinated anchovies and these products were preferred by the sensory panelists and ultra sound process was found to be feasible for processed seafood products which have not been studied intensively, yet. Additionally, the commercial value of the resulting product obtained with ultra sound technology is expected to be high and will contribute to the national economy.


Ultrasound; Anchovy; Shelf life; Computer based image analysis; Marination

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