Remote Monitoring of European Grapevine Moth, Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Population Using Camera-Based Pheromone Traps in Vineyards

Levent Ünlü, Bayram Akdemir, Ekrem Ögür, İnci Şahin


This study presents a new sex pheromone trap for European Grapevine Moth, Lobesia botrana, to monitor its field population without direct field observations in Turkey. The study was conducted in Hadim and Taşkent (Konya) districts in 2016. Viticulture has been carried out for many years in both districts where the maximum vineyards are located. Due to the distance to the center and the difficulty of transportation to these districts, there has not been conducted any detailed studies until today. Therefore, this study about L. botrana, which is harmful in these vineyards, was planned. In order to monitor the pest population, the cameras were placed onto the pheromone traps, and it was tried to get information about the population development of the pest via internet without going to the vineyards. For this purpose, four locations in Hadim and one location in Taşkent district were selected and one pheromone trap was established in each location before the bud burst in vineyards. The camera was placed on each pheromone trap and was linked with vMEyeIPC program via internet. The time of first adult flight and the population development of adult L. botrana were determined. The first adult flight began at the beginning (7/4/2016) and in the middle of April (15/4/2016) in Hadim and Taşkent, respectively. The number of offspring and the maximum number of pest individuals caught in traps were recorded in vineyards in both districts.


Camera; European grapevine moth; Lobesia botrana; Pheromone; Vineyard

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