Examination Water Quality of Karkamış Dam Lake

Rıdvan Tepe, Banu Kutlu


This study was conducted in order to reveal the physico-chemical properties of the Karkamis Dam Lake located within the boundaries of Sanliurfa and Gaziantep, water samples were taken from 5 stations at 4 and 8 m depths between January and December 2015. Temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, ortho phosphate, phosphorus, total nitrogen and total phosphorus values of water were measured during the year. The detected values were found as temperature (14.3-21.6°C average: 9.4), pH (8.4-9.1-7.8), dissolved oxygen (9-10-11.8 mg L-1), electrical conductivity (251-332-412 ,00S cm-1) ammonium nitrogen (0,003-0,069-0,194 mg L-1), nitrate nitrogen (1,549-2,292-3,473 mg N L-1), nitrite nitrogen (0.001-0.006-0.053 mg L-1), ortho phosphate phosphorus (0.007-0.034-0.076 mg L-1), total nitrogen (0.722-1.1514-1.696 mg L-1), total phosphorus (0.007-0.016-0.026 mg L-1). The Karkamis Dam Lake has a Class I high quality water class according to the Quality Criteria for Inland Water Resources Classification according to the Surface Water Quality Management Regulation.


Physico-chemical properties; Karkamis Dam Lake; Gaziantep; Water quality; Factor analysis

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