Assessment of Quality of Shea Butter Sourced from Organic and Inorganic Fields

Musah B Bawah, A K Afoko, A K Quainoo, A F Chimsah, Abudu Ballu Duwiejuah, A H Abubakari


The objective of the study was to compare selected physical and chemical composition of shea butter processed from nut sourced from inorganic and organic fields. The treatments were O (shea butter processed from nut picked from organic fields) and N (shea butter processed from nuts picked from inorganic fields). These treatments were arranged in a Complete Randomized Design and were replicated four times in the laboratory for studies of free fatty acids (FFA), pH, peroxide value, insoluble impurities, unsaponifiable matter, and moisture content. The study revealed that organic shea butter had lower free fatty acids (FFA), lower moisture content, lower pH, less unsaponifiable matter, less insoluble impurities and lower peroxide value as compared to inorganic shea butter shea butter. The lower FFA value of organic shea butter indicates that it can be used for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry and for direct consumption. Hence higher chances that organic shea butter and attract premium prices in both local and international markets. The study also revealed that there was a positive relationship between; unsaponifiable matter and moisture content. Insoluble impurities had a very strong correlation with unsaponifiable matter and moisture content. A very strong positive correlation was observed between peroxide value and unsaponifiable matter, moisture content, and insoluble impurities. For good quality butter, nuts should be sourced from organic fields.


Free fatty acids; moisture content; insoluble impurities; organic shea butter; peroxide value

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