The Effects of Different Treatments on Phytochemical and Volatiles Compositions of ‘Hicaznar’ pomegranate Fruit During Cold Storage

Ayşe Tülin Öz, Ebru Kafkas, Mozhganx Zarifikhosroshahi, Tülin Şahin


‘Hicaznar’ pomegranate fruits were stored under both modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and normal atmosphere without packaging at +7oC temperature and % 85-90 RH for 18 weeks. Weight loss, % CO2/O2 gas changes, arils color changes [L (lightness) and C (chroma)] values, total soluble solids (TSS) content, pH, titratable acidity (TA), total phenolic content (mg/100mL), total flavonoid content (mg/100mL), antioxidant activity (%), malic acid (%), changes of sugar (glucose, fructose, saccarose and sorbitol) content and volatile aroma compounds of ‘Hicaznar’ pomegranate fruits were determined during cold storage. Both average weight loss of pomegranate fruits and aril L (lighness) colour value changes were increased while aril C (Chroma) colour changes was decrease slightly at the end of storage. Total phenolic content in control arils samples were determined 109.5 mg/100 mL while it was 127.8 mg/100 mL in MAP aril samples; also total flavonoid content was decreased in 26.8 (control) and 27.1 (MAP) respectively at the end of storage compared to begining. The decrease of TSS was statistically significantly different between treatments. Moreover in this study volatile profile of ‘Hicaznar’ pomegranate fruit was desribed and 27 volatile compounds identified using automatic headspace solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography -mass spectrometry (HS-SPME GC/MS) tecniques. ‘Hicaznar’ pomegranate fruits have alcohols, aldehide, alkan, acids, esters, terpene and another volatile. Both effects of storage type and duration were evaluated. The results showed that terpenes increased for both MAP and control fruit samples while alcohols, aldehide and acids were decreased for both of storage type at the end of storage.


MAP; Hicaznar; Total phenolic; Total flavonoid; Antioxidant activity; Sugar; Volatile compounds

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