Preparation of Glucose Sensor Based on Keggin Type Polyoxometalate/Conducting Polymer Composite for Use in Food Industry

Yasemin Torlak, Rukiye Ayranci, Metin Ak


In continuous monitoring and control systems as required by automation, biosensors are greatly advantageous with their precision, stability, ease of use and response rates. In this study, a new amperometric glucose sensor has been fabricated based on a composite film prepared by electrochemical polymerization of carbazole derivative with having free amino group in presence of the Keggin type polyoxometalate (POM) anion, (nBu4N)3[PW9O34(tBuSiOH)3], in order to meet the needs of the sector. The enzymatic biosensor was prepared by immobilizing the Glucose Oxidase (GOx) enzyme to the surface modified with the POM/PAAC composite. Biosensor preparation and working conditions were optimized and analytical characterizations was carried out. The amperometric response of the POM/PAAC-GOx modified electrode versus varying concentrations of glucose was studied at a potential value of −0.7 V (Ag/AgCl). When the data obtained from these surfaces can be prepared in a short time, it was determined that they are sensitive to the presence of glucose in food samples such as cola and fruit juice. One of the innovations of this study is the shortening of the response time and the easy preparation of the biosensor. In addition to high linearity, short response time and long shelf life advantages in determining the glucose content in foods, it is thought that it will be an economical alternative with its easy preparation, ease of application and time and chemicals gain in measurements.


Food; Glucose sensor; Glucose Oxidase (GOD); Polyoxometalate (POM); Electropolymerization

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