Comparison of Egg Quality Traits of Atak-S Hens Kept in Different Rearing Systems

Dilek Şentürk Demirel, Ramazan Demirel


This study was conducted to compare the internal and external quality characteristics of the eggs of Atak-S laying hybrids kept in enriched cage and free-range rearing systems. In the study; 400 Atak-S hybrids, 31 weeks of age were fed for 6 weeks of experimental period. Throughout the experiment, with weekly intervals, 15 eggs of each group were collected from the laying hens kept in both systems for determination of the quality of the exterior (egg shape index and egg shell thickness) and interior (albumen and yolk width, height, yolk height and yolk colour). At the end of the experiment, there were statistically significant differences between groups for Haugh unit (wk. 2), albumen index (wk. 6), egg shell rate (wk. 1, 2, 3), egg shell thickness (wk. 6), yolk colour for L (wk. 3) and for a (wk. 1, 3). However, there were no significant differences between groups for other weeks and mean values, egg weight, shape index and yolk index.


Free-range system; Egg quality; Laying hen; Enriched cage; ATAK-S

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