Essential Oil Composition of Thyme (Thymus zygioides Griseb. var. lycaonicus (Celak.) Ronniger) Wild Growing in Turkey

Erman Duman, Mehmet Musa Özcan, Zrira Saadiab, Mustafa Mete Özcan


The chemical composition of essential oil, which is isolated by hydrodistillation of aerial parts of Thymus zygioides growing wild in Turkey, have been determined by GC and GC/MS. Essential oil yield on a dry weight basis of aerial parts from T. zygioides was 0.45%. A total of twenty two constituents were identified by GC-MS analyses, the main components representing 92.3% the oil was identified as limonene (24.11%), cis-linalool oxide (22.91%), eucalyptol (8.65%). 3-octonol (7.04%), nerol (4.47%) geranyl acetate (3.19%), carvacrol (2.74%), linalyl propanoate (2.95%) and sabinene (2.23%). The essential oil of T. zygioides was characterized by its high content of limonene (24.11%).


Thymus zygioides; Labiatae; essential oil composition; limonene; cis-linalool oxide; eucalyptol

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