Agricultural Mechanization Properties of KOP Region

Mehmet Zahid Malaslı, Çetin Palta, Zeliha Üstün Argon


This study was carried out to determine the change in presence of agricultural tools and machinery and agricultural mechanization properties of Konya Plain Project (KOP) Region between 2009-2018. The material of the study was the statistical data of agriculture tools and machines between 2009-2018 in the KOP Region. The characteristics of agricultural mechanization and the relationships between these properties were determined and compared by using the counted number of tractors, the distribution of tractor power and agricultural area values for 2009-2018. In comparisons, average tractor power (kW), tractor power per agricultural area (kW/ha), tractor number per 1000 ha agricultural area (number/1000 ha) and agricultural area per tractor (ha/tractor) have been taken into the consideration. According to the results, the data of KOP Region, in 2009 and 2018 were determined, these being average tractor power at 38,21 kW and 38,91 kW, the tractor power per agricultural area being 1,21 kW/ha and 1,56 kW/ha, tractor number per 1000 ha agricultural area being 31,75 number/1000 ha and 40,09 number/1000 ha and agricultural area per tractor being 31,50 ha/tractor and 24,94 ha/tractor respectively.


Agricultural machinery; Agricultural mechanization level; Tractor; Konya Plain Project; KOP Region

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