Relation Between Ergosterol and Various Mycotoxins in Different Cheeses

Çetin Kadakal, Nizam Mustafa Nizamoğlu, Tolga Kağan Tepe, Sevda Arısoy, Begüm Tepe, Suat Batu


Thirteen different mostly consumed cheese samples were obtained from different provinces in Turkey and were investigated in terms of contents of ergosterol, patulin and Ochratoxin A (OTA). Ergosterol, patulin and OTA analyses were carried out by using the apparatus of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Ergosterol contents of samples ranged from 30.27±0.69 to 144.76±9.41 mg/kg. The values of OTA in the samples were ranged from 6.96±0.05 to 41±0.2 µg/kg. Ergosterol was significantly correlated with OTA (r = 0.99, R2 = 0.98). According to this high correlation, ergosterol might be used as a more readily measurable indicator of potential OTA production. No patulin was detected in all samples. Absence of patulin on cheese samples may be explained with unsuitable media for patulin producing.


Cheese; Ergosterol; Mycotoxins; Quality Assurance; Safety

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