Zinc Fertilizer Request of Black Cumin (Nigella sativa L.) Grown in Soil Mixed with Different Proportions of Vermicompost

Ayşen Akay


In this study zinc fertilizer requirement of black cumin cultivated in the soil mixed with different ratios of vermicompost was investigated. In the experiment was conducted under greenhouse conditions and the effect of mycorrhiza inoculation on black cumin was determined. For this purpose, 0, 2.5, 5, 10 and 20% vermicompost was mixed into the soil and 2 doses of zinc fertilizer (0, 0.75 kg Zn / da) were applied. G.Mosseae as a mychorhiza inoculum was added to the root area during seed sowing and plant growth was monitored. Mycorrhizal inoculated black cumin was harvested, when the plant matured, and seed formation occurred. The number of spores and hyphae in the root changed significantly with vermicompost applications. The number of capsules in the plant, seed number, seed weight, plant height, biomass, the K, P and Zn content of seed were significantly affected by vermicompost applications. The P, K, Fe and Zn contents of seed showed significant differences with zinc applications. Vermicompost and mycorrhizal interactions also showed a significant difference the number of capsule grains, grain weight, the K and Fe content of seed. The triple interaction of vermicompost, mycorrhiza and Zn applications were also found to be important in all parameters except plant height and seed Zn content. As a result, it was determined that vermicompost application had a positive effect on plant growth parameters compared to other doses. It could be recommended 2.5% dose considering economic issues.


Black cumin; Zinc; Vermicompost; Mycorrhiza; Inoculation

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