A New Hive Model that Increases the Colony Productivity

Ethem Akyol, Mustafa Güneşdoğdu, Ayhan Ceyhan


Migratory beekeeping, has become an important issue in increasing productivity of colony, but today it has become an important challenge to find staff to load and unload bees. The necessity of carrying bee transportation usually between illusions and at night time, as well as the problem of not finding the workers to work due to bee insertion problems have also brought about. In addition to the transportation of beekeeping between the cities in the migratory beekeeping, it is another factor that increases the operating expenses, even if the colonies are both loaded and unloaded and require separate labor costs. As a consequence, it is difficult to find the workers in the transportation of bees and because of the high cost of labor, the traveling bee is getting away from being economical. The constant increase in fuel prices and the increase in transportation costs are another negative factor that adversely affects migratory beekeeping negatively. Due to these problems of loading and downloading bees, although they are not satisfied with the place where they put a beekeeper, they can not change their place quickly and have to spend the season inefficiently.


Colony; Transportation; Productivity; Honeybee; Hive

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