Analysis of Ca, K and Fe Element in Some Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Fungal Specimens Growing in Ordu (Mesudiye ve Kabadüz) Plateaus

Canan Aksoy, Handan Aksoy, Engin Tıraşoğlu, Ali Ömer Üçler


In this research, herbivorous plants and fungus samples, naturally grown and consumed as a nutrition by the local people, were collected from Gülpınar village and Gülpınar plateau of Mesudiye district and Turnalık plateau of Ordu province. In the collected samples, the elemental analysis for Ca, K and Fe elements that are highly crucial for physiology of human being were carried out as a percentage level by using Energy Dispersive X- Ray Spectroscopy (EDXRF). According to the obtained results from the plant samples; The highest Fe content was found to be 0.01% and 0.006%, respectively, in the Ferrula communis and the Amaranthus retraflexus. In terms of the amount of Ca, the Rumex crispus and the Mentha sp. were the species with the highest values of 1.09% and 1.39%, respectively. Finally, the importance of the results obtained in terms of these elements examined and their effects on human health are discussed.


Ordu; Aromatik plants; X-Ray; Elemental analysis; Rumex crispus

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