The Relationship between Plant Vegetation Index and Soil Electrical Conductivity Values in Different Wheat Species

Uğur Yegül, Maksut Barış Eminoğlu, Burak Şen, Savaş Kuşçu


This research was carried out in Haymana Research Farm of Ankara University. Three different varieties of wheat were used in the study. These varieties were; Kırgız-95, Kırkpınar-79, and Svevo. The aim of the study was to determine the relationship between soil electrical conductivity values and vegetation index. In the study, EM38, electrical conductivity sensor, and GreenSeeker, vegetation index sensor were used. The obtained values were evaluated statistically, and the relationships between the two parameters were determined. As a result of the research, the relationships between the electrical conductivity of the soil and plant growth index values were found to be negative (R2) as 0.7718 for Kyrgyz-95, 0.7675 for Kırkpınar-79 and 0.7807 for Svevo.


Wheat; Soil electrical conductivity; Vegetation index of plant; EM38; GreenSeeker

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