Bioinformatics Analysis of Fugu (Fugu rubripes) Catalase (cat) Gene

Mehtap Bayır, Gökhan Arslan


In this study, bioinformatics analysis of fugu (Fugu rubripes) catalase (cat) gene was performed. Molecular biology science is developing rapidly in parallel with the increasing importance of bioinformatics, thanks to the developed techniques in recent years. In this bioinformatics-based study wich enables the effective identification and characterization of genes in living organisms using online genome databases and statistics and storage, organization and sharing of the ever-increasing genetic data we designed the conserved gene synteny and gene structure and detected the identiy-similarity ratios between fugu and the other telosts and tetrapods. NCBI-GeneBank, EMBL, ENSEML and UNIPROT databases have been used for all these bioinformatics studies. Bioedit and Mega programs were used to perform the analysis and evaluate the data obtained from all these databases. In silico analysis such as the identification and characterization of fugu cat gene, exons-introns organization, phylogenetic tree and gene synteny were completed in this study and presented with tables and figures.


Fugu; Bioinformatics; Model organism; In silico analysis; Gene Bank

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