Microwave Assisted Extraction of Pectin from Grapefruit Peel and Optimization of Extraction Conditions

Nedra Tektaş Taşan, Özlem Akpınar


In this study, pectin was obtained from dried grapefruit peels by microwave assisted extraction and the extraction conditions were optimized for pectin yield. Response surface method was used for the optimization and optimum extraction conditions were determined as 30 ml/g solvent solid ratio, 90 s and pH 1. The yield of pectin extracted at these conditions was found to be 20.93% and the properties of the extracted pectin were compared to pectin obtained by conventional extraction. FT-IR analysis was performed for both pectins. Pectin obtained by microwave assisted extraction was compared with pectin obtained by the conventional method and their structures were found to be similar to each others. It was determined that the pectin obtained had high degree of esterification.


Acid; Extraction; Grapefruit; Microwave; Pectin; Food waste

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