Organic Poultry Drinking Water Characteristics, the Importance in Nutrition and Practices for Enhancing the Quality of Water

Hasan Eleroğlu, Arda Yıldırım, Ahmet Şekeroğlu


The source of water, the content and quality is very important used in every stage of poultry production. The birds must have continuous access and supply of quality water without any antibiotic and bacteriological residues. Sensory, physiochemical properties and chemical composition must be taken into consideration while assessing water quality. The quality of water used in the production of conventional or organic poultry has impacts on the poultry health, quality of products and human health. The impact of water quality is higher on the functionality of water in live organism and the consumption amount varies depending on many factors. A source of water which is used in organic production is also important with their characteristics. Different water sources may be used for animal consumption, such as springs, shallow wells, deep and artesian wells, lakes and creeks. Organic farms should regularly submit water samples to a laboratory for testing of water quality against the possibility of contamination of water sources. Water contaminants could create equipment problems and restrict the amount of water available for consumption therefore affects the quality of products. There are many aspects to the broad problems of water quality and different physical and chemical applications used to ensure sustainability of water quality for human and animal use. In this review, it will be focused on the quality of the water to be used in the organic poultry production and quality enhancing physical and chemical applications.


Organic production; Water quality; Organic water; Water additives

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