The Effect of Boron Application in Increasing Doses on Shoot Boron Concentration and Uptake of Other Nutrients of Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.)

Ayfer Alkan Torun, Sadettin Bozgeyik, Ebru Duymuş


Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) is a plant species that has gradually started to be included in the plant pattern in the Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions in recent years. In these regions where boron (B) deficiency may be common in terms of soil and environmental factors, it is very important to determine the B nutritional level of the plants, especially the Pistachio which is sensitive to B deficiency. Based on this point, within the scope of this research, the shoot B concentration of the pistachio plant in increasing doses of B (0%; 0.2%; 0.4%; 0.6% and 0.8%) application from the leaf in two different periods when the bream explosion was 20% and the fruit was in the lentil size period and its effects on nutrients have been investigated. For this purpose, trial random blocks in the production areas where two pistachio varieties (Uzun and Kırmızı) were grown under garden conditions were carried out according to the trial plan. As a result of the research, it was determined that plant varieties and applied fertilizer doses had a significant effect on B concentration. Under all B applications according to plant varieties, it was determined that the B concentration was higher in the Kırmızı (21%) variety than in the Uzun variety (8.3%), the average B concentration was 200.3 mg kg-1in the Kırmızı variety and 176.3 mg kg-1 in the Uzun variety. It was determined that the B concentration in the shoot of the plant increased with increasing doses of B application, and these increases (36.8%) were statistically significant at only 0.6% B dose application compared to the control. No statistically significant effect of boron application on the analyzed macro (N, K) and micro (Zn, Fe, Mn) element concentrations was found.


Boron deficiency; Nutrition; Pistachio; Boron application; Foliar application

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