Experimental Design and Multi- Response Optimization of Green Solvent Extraction Conditions for Rosmarinic Acid and Antioxidant Components in Ocimum basilicum L.

Nilüfer Vural, Özlem Yalçınçıray, Özge Algan Çavuldak


The main purpose of this study is to develop and optimize a method based on the hydroalcoholic solvent extraction of rosmarinic acid (RA) which is an important active component in the polyphenolic profile of the plant and, stands out with its antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, and other antioxidant components. Soft computing-based chemometric studies are needed to model and optimize complex processes such as extraction. In this study, the extraction conditions of bioactive RA from Ocimum bacilicum L., a valuable medicinal aromatic plant source, with green and simple technique, were modeled and optimized using chemometric methods. Additionally, it was also aimed to evaluate the potential of RA in O. basilicum with the amount of Total phenolic substance (TFM) and Total antioxidant activity (TAA). In the study, RSM-CCD/small factorial design was used, multi-response optimization was solved with the help of Pareto solutions, and the Desirability function was used to determine the optimum input variable values. As a result, optimum conditions of O. basilicum L. extraction, 47.7% EtOH concentration, 30.0 °C temperature, 77.6 min extraction time, and 10 mL/g solvent/solid ratio were found. Experimental results obtained under optimum conditions were 171.46±1.87 mg GAE/g, 4.76±0.32 mg Trolox/mL, and 8.93±0.65 mg/g for TPC, TAA and RA, respectively. The predicted results from the mathematical model were (172.26 mg GAE/g), (4.13 mg Trolox/mL) and (8.89 mg/g), respectively.


Ocimum basilicum; Rosmarinic acid; TPC; TAA; Modeling, optimization

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