Effects of Temperature on Time Dependent Rheological Characteristics of Koumiss

Serdal Sabancı, Ömer Çokgezme, Derya Tezcan, Mutlu Cevik, Filiz İçier


The rheological properties of koumiss were investigated at different temperatures (4, 10, and 20°C). Experimental shear stress–shear rate data were fitted to different rheological models. The consistency of koumiss was predicted by using the power-law model since it described the consistency of koumiss best with highest regression coefficient and lowest errors (root mean square error and chi-square). Koumiss exhibited shear thinning behavior (n<1). The flow activation energy for temperature dependency of consistency was 25.532 kJ/mol, and the frequency constant was 2.18×10-7Pa.sn. As the temperature increased the time dependent thixotropic characteristics of koumiss decreased.


Koumiss; Mare’s milk; Rheology; Low temperature

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v4i4.262-266.531

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