The Evaluation of Fruit Sapling Producing Enterprises by the SWOT Analysis in Hatay Province

Nuran Tapkı, Faruk Emeksiz, Erdal Dağıstan


In this study, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analyses is done in order to reveal current status of fruit sapling suppliers in Hatay. Data collected from representative face-to-face surveys using full counting method with totally 92 suppliers in the present study. Current statuses of companies were revealed according to SWOT analyses. Favourable ecological conditions, proximity to citrus growing areas and sea, presence of unemployed person in the family and accessibility were the strengths of selected region. Low educational level, small parcels of land, suppliers without regular records, unconsciousness of producers on organizing were the weakness of the selected region, on the contrary.


SWOT; Analysis; Fruit; Sapling; Enterprises

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