Possible Use of Treated Wastewater as Irrigation Water at Urban Green Area


  • Elif Bozdoğan Mustafa Kemal University




Reuse, Treated Wastewater, Irrigation, Urban Green Area, Marigold


Ever increasing demands for fresh water resources have brought the reuse of treated wastewater into agendas. Wastewater has year-long potential to be used as an irrigation water source. Therefore, treated wastewater is used as irrigation water over agricultural lands and urban landscapes, as process water in industrial applications, as back-up water in environmental applications in water resources and wetlands of dry regions. The present study was conducted to investigate the possible use of domestic wastewater treated through pilot-scale constructed wetland of Adana-Karaisalı with dominant Mediterranean climate in irrigation of marigold (Tagetes erecta), commonly used over urban landscapes. Experiments were carried out between the dates May-November 2008 for 7 months with fresh water and treated wastewater. Plant growth parameters (plant height, plant diameter, number of branches) and flowering parameters (number of flowers, flower diameter, flower pedicle thickness) were monitored in monthly basis. Results revealed positive impacts of treated wastewater irrigations on plant growth during the initial 5 months between May-September but negative impacts in October and November. Similarly, treated wastewater irrigations had positive impacts on flowering parameters during the initial 3 months but had negative impacts during the subsequent 4 months. Such a case indicated shortened visual efficiencies of marigold. Therefore, treated wastewater can be used as an alternative water resource in irrigation of annual flowers, but better results can be attained by mixing treated wastewater with fresh water at certain ratios.




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Bozdoğan, E. (2014). Possible Use of Treated Wastewater as Irrigation Water at Urban Green Area. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 3(1), 35–39. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v3i1.35-39.175



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