Production and Consumption of Poultry Meat in Benin




Benin, Poultry meat, Meat consumption, Meat import, Poultry meat production


In this article, the production and consumption values of poultry meat are discussed in order to evaluate the entrepreneurial opportunities in the poultry meat production sector. In addition, the annual import of meat and its economic value were also examined. For this purpose, INSAE, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAEP) and FAO reports were reviewed. In addition, some data from similar articles published on this subject have been used. As a result of this review, it can be said that food products and consumption patterns are changing due to the per capita income growth and the expansion of food options. In Benin, food products and consumption patterns are changing due to the growth of income and the expansion of food choice options. Therefore, per capita meat consumption increased and reached 25.2 kg in 2013. However, according to the average of the world meat consumption in 2013 (43.22 kg / person / year) this amount is very low. In general, 21% of the meat produced in Benin consists of poultry meat. National poultry breeding does not meet the rising demand for meat. The part of local production in consumption decreased significantly from 2005 to 2013 (from 21% to 6%). 98% of the total meat imported to Benin is composed by poultry meat (chicken and turkey meat). From 2010 to 2016, the average of imported poultry meat value is $216,358 million and this situation causes loss of currency. Considering the available data, investment opportunities for poultry production in Benin should be evaluated. In addition, there are significant shortcomings in the field of food safety and the provision. The development of the needs in this sector includes entrepreneurship opportunities.



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