Seafood Consumption Preferences and Fish Demand in Kastamonu




Fish consumption, Seafood demand, Agricultural economics, Kastamonu, Survey


Fish is an important food source for human health. Despite being surrounded on three sides by seas, fish demand is not enough demand in Turkey. The demand for a good is determined by many factors, especially the income of consumer and price of an item. In Kastamonu city centre with a population of 128.537, a questionnaire is applied to determine the consumption and frequency of fish consumption. According to the survey results, the consumption of fish in Kastamonu city centre is not at a desirable level. Although the price of fish is lower than that of red meat, it is not preferred by the low-income group. Most fish consumption is carried out by those with high-income levels.



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Dilek, S., Paruğ, Şenol, Paruğ, A., & Keskingöz, H. (2019). Seafood Consumption Preferences and Fish Demand in Kastamonu. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(11), 1844–1857.



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