Sous Vide Application Technology on Foods




Sous vide, Meat products, Vacuum, Preservation method, Pasteurization


Sous vide, French means ‘‘under vacuum‘‘ the method; comprises pasteurizing foods in a vacuum package in a water bath at fully controllable temperatures (≤100°C). Sous vide is also an enclosure method. The product is consumed immediately after cooking or quickly re-heating between 0-3°C and can be stored for 3-5 weeks until consumption. With Sous vide technology, it is provided to prepare the product at the desired temperature and at the desired time without damaging the textures and quality features, without excessive drying of the outer surface. Meat, fish, chicken and vegetables can be cooked with this method. Meat and meat products prepared with sous vide technology are more delicious, juicy and crunchy and lose their nutrients at minimum level. Sous vide technology offers many advantages such as prolonging storage time, sensory quality and maintaining microbiological quality. Sous vide technology is reliable in many respects since the vegetative forms of bacteria in the food are inactivated by providing anaerobic environment with vacuum packaging and controlled temperature application.



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Erdem, N., & Karakaya, M. (2021). Sous Vide Application Technology on Foods. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 9(9), 1618–1630.



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