The Importance of Local Products in Local Economic Development: Azatli Pepper (Azatli Biberi) Case Study in Turkey




Azatli Biberi (Azatli Pepper), Local economic development, Rural development, Geographical indication, Local products


This research was conducted to determine the general situation of the producers of Azatli Pepper (Azatlı Biberi), which has a niche production structure, and to determine its value in terms of local economic development and to reveal how this production can be used as a local development tool. In the study, data for the purpose of the study were obtained by filling out questionnaires with 52 of 113 producers in total, according to the data of the 2020 Farmer Registration System, using the Simple Random Sampling Method. In the study, the producers were divided into 2 groups as producers of Azatli Pepper (Azatlı Biberi) on 2 ha or less and more than 2 ha, and the analyzes were made on these 2 groups. As a result, it has been stated that the production of Azatli Pepper (Azatlı Biberi) has been on an increasing trend in the last 10 years and that the producers process 72.81% of the total production as powdered pepper. The cost of 1 kg of fresh Azatli Pepper (Azatlı Biberi) is calculated as 1.02 TL and 8.68 TL for powdered Azatli Pepper (Azatlı Biberi) for 2020 year. The calculations revealed that Azatli Pepper (Azatlı Biberi) has an important place in the income of the producers, has an important reputation in the region, and the name Azatli Pepper (Azatlı Biberi) is perceived as a quality element. It has been determined that cooperation, promotion and geographical indication registration (PDO-Protected Designation of Origin) is important for Azatli Pepper (Azatlı Biberi) production, which constitutes an important economic value in the region, to create an important potential for local economic development.



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Kan, M., & Yılmaz, İbrahim. (2021). The Importance of Local Products in Local Economic Development: Azatli Pepper (Azatli Biberi) Case Study in Turkey. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 9(9), 1669–1678.



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