Usage of the Modern Open Temporary Store for Wheat Storage




Wheat, Storage, Open Temporary Store, Storage Condition, Hayrabolu


Nowadays increasing agricultural production is based on a unit area to obtain further product. But the addition of increasing agricultural production and consumption of products derived from the evaluation are submitted in accordance with the storage is also important. Aim of storage is to preserve properties of products and their freshness. If suitable storage conditions aren‘t supplied, according to product variety, quality and quantity losses increase. Decreasing these losses are possible with providing suitable storage conditions and storage management. In this study, the Turkish Grain Boards‘ Hayrabolu region has a significant share of production of wheat used the storage of Open Temporary Store, storage conditions and tried to determine the effects on losses during storage.



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Şişman, C. B., & Köktaş Keskin, A. (2021). Usage of the Modern Open Temporary Store for Wheat Storage. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 9(9), 1731–1734.



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