Optimization of Ultrasonic Rehydration Conditions of Dried Tomatoes





Time, Temperature, Water ratio, Texture, Color


In this study, it was aimed to optimize the ultrasonic rehydration conditions of dried tomatoes. Rehydration conditions were optimized by Response Surface Method (RSM). The optimization of ultrasonic (37 kHz) rehydration conditions were performed with independent variables at different temperatures (20-80°C), time (2-60 min) and water ratios (1/50-1/100 g/g water), and rehydration ability, color a* (redness) and texture values were selected as responses (dependent variable). The estimated and experimental analysis results were compared in the selection of the optimum rehydration condition. As a result, it was determined that ultrasonic rehydration at 58°C/54 min/72 ml water conditions could be used as the optimum point. At the selected optimum point, the rehydration ability, color a* value and texture values were determined as 2.82±0.16, 13.09 ±1.63 and 0.46±0.13 N, respectively. These results are seen as proof that ultrasound application can be used in the rehydration of dried tomatoes.



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Hazar, İsa, & Demirdöven, A. (2022). Optimization of Ultrasonic Rehydration Conditions of Dried Tomatoes. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(9), 1638–1645. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v10i9.1638-1645.5184



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