The Effect of Different Drying Techniques and Conditions on Drying Parameters and Thermo-physical Properties of Peach




Peach fruit , Drying process , Color properties , Drying parameters , Thermo-physical properties


Peach is a fruit that contains 78%-85% water and has a very high production. Due to the high moisture, it contains, it must be stored to be kept for a long time in a consumable condition without spoiling. In this study, 8 sliced peach fruits were dried in an oven (50, 60, 70°C) and in an air conditioning cabinet (50, 60, 70°C at constant 30% relative moisture). In the study, the shortest drying time was found with 12 hours at a drying temperature of 70°C in the oven, while the longest drying time was determined by 41.5 hours in the experiment carried out in the air conditioning cabinet at 50°C and 30% RH. Considering all color values, the method that best preserves the color values of peach fruit was determined in the experiment performed at 60°C in an oven. While creating the curves, Lewis, Yağcıoğlu and Page drying models, which are the most used in the literature, were selected and the drying data were best estimated by the Yağcıoğlu model (R2: 0.9999). Yağcıoğlu model best modeled the drying data at 60°C in the oven drying method. After the drying process, the thermophysical property values (thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific mass and specific heat) of the samples were determined in the samples dried in an oven at 60°C.


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