Application of the Ohmic Heating Process to Make a Semolina Dessert with Milk




ohmic heating, voltage gradient, milk-based dessert, energy, semolina


Traditional milk desserts are one of the most essential dessert groups that Turkish society consumes. Due to foaming activity, it was aimed to investigate the feasibility of the ohmic heating system to produce a semolina dessert with milk. Hence, an ohmic heating treatment was used to heat the milk, semolina, and sugar mix from 20°C to 100°C using three different voltage gradients (15, 17.5, and 20 V/cm) and then boil for two minutes. It was found that the current value escalated from 20°C to approximately 86°C but decreased after 86°C due to foaming. Since the total consumed energy during the ohmic cooking treatment was inversely proportional to the treatment time, the total consumed energy values decreased based on the rising voltage gradient. As a result, the feasibility of the ohmic heating treatment for making a traditional semolina dessert with milk was determined in this study.


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