The Effects of Acidified Sodium Chlorite and Acidified Sodium Chlorite Containing Sauce on Salmonella spp. in Broiler Chops

Işıl Aydın, Halil Yalçın, Ali Arslan


This study was aimed to investigate the effects of acidified sodium chlorite (ASC) and ASC containing sauce on broiler chops contaminated with Salmonella spp. broiler chops were experimentally contaminated with five-strains of Salmonella spp. cocktail. For the bacterial inhibition, the chops were treated with sauce, ASC(1200 ppm and 1800 ppm) and ASC containing sauce. Contaminated 8 groups chops (1 group contaminated control) were placed in plastic containers, and kept at 4ºC for 7 days. The samples were investigated in terms of Salmonella spp. at 0, 2, 3, 5and 7 days. It was determined that there was statistically significant difference between groups in terms of number of Salmonella spp. The highest decrease in number of Salmonella spp. was determined in group 6 as 2.14 log cfu/g, the least effect was determined in the 5th group (0.08 log cfu/g) treated with marinade containing 1200 ppm ASK. It was determined taht an increase in the number of pathogens in the control and marinade-treated groups. The highest antimicrobial effect on Salmonella spp. was found in broiler chops kept after 2 minute wait in solutions containing 1200 and 1800 ppm ASC. In conclusion, ASC solution decreases the risk of Salmonella spp. in broiler chops.


Acidified sodium chlorite; Broiler chops; Decontamination; Sauce; Salmonella spp.

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