Comparison of Fatty Acid Profile of Edible Tissues of Wild Terrestrial Snail (Helix lucorum L. 1758) Collected in Two Province (Adana and Sinop)

Mustafa Göçer, İlkan Ali Olgunoğlu


The aim of the present study is to compare the crude protein, fat content and fatty acids concentration of snail meat (Helix lucorum Linnaeus, 1758) obtained from Adana and Sinop Province (including 30 snail meat for both region) in Turkey. They were not statistically significant differences in fatty acid profile between two groups. But, in contrast to previous reports, may be due to geographical variation, the results show that the examined snails demonstrated a high content of fat that is between 3.74% and 4.20%. The analyses also indicated that snail meat from Adana province was richer in protein and fat content than Sinop province. In fatty acid composition for both region, monounsaturated fatty acid fraction (MUFA) was dominant followed by saturated fatty acid (SFA) and polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA). The ratio of n-3/n-6 and the content of PUFAs were found to be better in Adana province than Sinop. However, for both region, the ratio of PUFA/SFA was lower in H. lucorum than those recommended for nutritional.


Snail, Helix lucorum, Fatty acid, Turkey, Snail

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