Determination of Heavy Metal Content of Milk Collected by Some Dairy Plants in Sivas

Mehmet Beykaya, Zeliha Yıldırım, Ayşe Özbey, Metin Yıldırım


In this study, some heavy metal contents, including cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), chrome (Cr) and lead (Pb) of 50 raw bulk milk samples obtained from 5 different dairy plants in the Sivas and its vicinity were investigated. The contamination level of Cd, Cu and Cr were found 8.896, 33.69 and 31.81 µg/kg respectively in milk samples. Lead contents of 92% of the milk samples were below the detection limit, but 8% of the samples contained 304.1 - 503.4 µg/kg lead.


Raw milk; Cd; Cu; Cr; Pb

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