Investigation of Microbiological Status of Shopping Carts

Gülten Tiryaki Gündüz, Özge Akgül, Şeyma Buse Demir


Transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from contaminated surfaces to hands could cause various diseases. In this study, the microbiological status of shopping carts was investigated in İzmir. To determine where the samples will be taken from and to get user’s opinions about hygiene, a survey was carried out. Total of 100 samples were taken from shopping carts in 20 different markets between February and April, and total viable counts and Escherichia coli counts were applied in samples. Total viable counts of shopping cart handles for 100 samples were found between 0,82– 4,88 log CFU/10 cm2. Coliforms and E.coli were not found in the analysed samples. According to the results, it is seen that the shopping carts have different levels of microbial load; the market environment and the users are effective on these profiles. It has been determined that cleaning and disinfection processes should be applied to improve the hygienic condition of shopping carts and high numbers of microorganisms in the shopping cars might be a potential risk for public health.


Shopping carts; E.coli; Microbial load; Sanitation; Hand hygiene

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