Determination of Milk Consumption Habits of Students of Agricultural Faculty: Compare of Department of Dairy Technology with Department of Agriculture Economy

Hüseyin Tayyar Güldal, Havva Ceren Akal, Nazlı Türkmen, Gökçe Eminoğlu, Celalettin Koçak


The aim of the study is comparing the milk consumption habits of the students of the Department of Dairy Technology and Department of Agriculture Economy The survey was conducted with 66 students from Department of Dairy Technology and 84 students from Department of Agriculture Economy. It is indicated that 82.54% of the students from Department of Dairy Technology and 74.07% of the students from Department of Agriculture Economy get information from expert organizations (universities, private companies, etc.) about the importance of milk in nutrition. According to the Chi-square tests, there is a significant relationship between the department preference variable and the sources which are getting information and found reliable by the students and milk consumption variable. Besides, it is indicated that 98% of the students from both of the departments prefer pasteurized and UHT milk rather than raw milk.


Milk; Dairy technology; Agricultural economy; University student; Consumption

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