Effect of The Plant- Microbe Interaction on Secondary Metabolites

Mehmet Veysi Çetiz, Abdulrezzak Memon


The microbes that live in and on plants (the plant microbiome) are critical for plant health and exert their influence by facilitating the nutrient acquisition, regulating plant hormone levels, and helping to withstand pathogen attack. Plants are meta-organisms that are associated with complex microbiomes. The majority of the microorgansims including epiphytes and endophytes generally play a significant role in providing essential nutrients to the plants where they live. In addition, plant microbe interaction affects the content of secondary metabolites and their derivatives in the host plant. In this review article we summarizes the interaction of the plant and microbe interaction especially the microorganisms of the rhizosphere and their effect on the secondary metabolites level in plants. The current knowledge of the plant- microbe interaction at molecular level are also being reviewed in brief.


Secondery metabolites; Plant microbe interaction; Rhizosphere microbiome; Bacteria; Fungus

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