Productivity Problems and Remedies for Cereals Farming in Sivas

Sancar Bulut


Insufficient capital an technical sources of agricultural enterprises, old-ages and low educational levels of population dealing with agricultural activities, lack of technical stuff and resultant insufficiencies of extension services and adverse climate conditions experienced time to time all negatively influence cereal farming and productivity levels in Sivas province. Large fallow lands over monoculture cereal lands, insufficient certified seed utilization, improper soil tillage and seedbed preparation practices, delay of winter sowings or high summer sowing rates (especially in barley), insufficient chemical fertilizer uses because of high fertilizer costs, lack of scientific research on cereals and untimely weed control practices also significantly limit cereal yields. All these aforementioned theoretical and economical deficiencies should be eliminated to have high yield levels in cereal farming of Sivas province.


Cereals farming; Productivity problems; Remedies; Sivas

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