Prudential Expectation Analysis in Maize Production

Merve Bozdemir, Zeki Bayramoğlu, Kemalettin Ağızan, Süheyla Ağızan


Although Turkey's total agricultural land not decrease occurred over the years thanks to the presence of land brought into production economically in irrigated maize quality aquaculture operations have become widespread in Turkey. Maize in areas where watering is possible; it is a popular product in terms of aquaculture because of low labor costs, high efficiency advantage in unit area and easy access of the product market. The increase in irrigation areas in parallel production of maize; It is a product with high economic value but high water consumption. In this aspect, the aim of the study is to make analyzes about the sustainability of the agricultural activities, the solution of the problems encountered in the process from the sowing of the crop to the harvesting, and the expectations of the farmers. In the study, it was determined that agricultural operators have future concerns about input costs, storage facilities and consumption of water resources.


Agricultural Production; Irrigation; Maize; The Future of Agriculture; Cost analysis

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