Effects of Different Seed Coating Ratios of an Organic Acid Mixture on Yield and Quality of Bread Wheat

Hatun Barut, Sait Aykanat, Ali Alpaslan Ezici, Uğur Sevilmiş


This research was conducted during 2016-2017 awheat growing season to investigate the effects of different rates of seed coating of an organic acid mixture (citric acid, glutamate, and proline) on yield and quality of wheat. The field experiments were established in Dogankent and Haciali locations of Eastern Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute in Turkey. Study was carried out with randomised complete block design with 4 replications and Ceyhan-99 bread wheat variety was used as seed material. Before seeding, wheat seeds were coated with organic acid mixture product (0.75% citric acid, 0.25% glutamate, 0.25% proline, 2% Zn and 96.75 water), in three different doses (500 ml ton-1, 1 l ton-1, 1.5 l ton-1) to compare with control (uncoated). There were statistically significant differences at 5% level in 1000 grain weight and grain yield values in Dogankent location and 1000 grain weight, grain yield and number of spikes in Hacialilocation. Highest yield values were obtained from 500 ml t-1 application dose for both locations. With 500 ml t-1 application dose at Dogankent location, grain yield was 11.9 t ha-1 which was 8.97% higher over control. In Hacali location, 500 ml t-1 application dose was increased yield by 15.96% compared to control which resulted with 10.5 t ha-1 grain yield. No statistically significant difference was observed in quality characteristics (protein, gluten, hardiness and sedimentation) in trials.


Bread wheat; seed coat; organic acids; yield; quality

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v6i11.1662-1667.2187

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