An Assessment for Soft Drink Consumption of Individuals in Centre Town of Ankara Province

Bilge Gözener, Murat Sayılı


In this study, the Central district of Ankara (Çankaya, Etimesgut, Gölbaşı, Keçiören, Mamak, Polatlı, Sincan and Yenimahalle districts) carbonated drink consumption situation of consumers were examined. The data obtained from questionnaires conducted with 272 families were used in this study. Data were collected in April-May 2012.Between carbonated drink consumption and some demographic characteristics of consumers were tested by chi-square analysis of whether a statistical association. According to the survey; It was determined that 71.69% of the families consume carbonated drink. The vast majority of consumers (94.87%), carbonated drinks they consume more during the summer and is harmful to health (81.03%) had continued to consume despite expressing. In addition, consumption of carbonated drinks with gender, age was found to be a statistically significant relationship between marital status and spouse's employment status.


Ankara province ;Carbonated drink; Consumption; Chi-square analysis

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