Analysis of Change in Cost Factors in Canola Production: The Case of Çanakkale Province

Arif Semerci, Ahmet Duran çelik


According to the data of 2018, Çanakkale City was 5th in Turkey’s total canola production with a proportional share of 7.50%. In this study, differences in input usage amounts and input costs were analysed according to the enterprise size. The data of the study were gathered from 83 canola producers who produced canola in 2018 in the Çanakkale Province by the Complete Inventory Method. According to the research results, there was a statistical difference in pesticide cost at a 5% significance level between small- and large-scale enterprises. In terms of input usage per unit area, there was a statistical difference at a 5% significance level in machinery power usage according to the enterprise size. Furthermore, there wasn’t any statistical difference in input usage between enterprise groups which indicates that large scale enterprises aren’t benefiting from the positive aspects of the scale economy. Therefore, agricultural production in general and canola production in particular should be supported with different tools and different methods in the medium and long terms.


Canola; Input usage; T-Test; Çanakkale; Cost

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