A Research on Licensed Warehousing Activities in Turkey (Case of LİDAŞ in Mucur District of Kırşehir Province)

Hasan Gökhan Doğan, Aybüke Bulut


Licensed warehousing activities in the agricultural sector started with the Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing Law No. 5300, which was enacted in 2005. It was opened with the support of the state, was developed with the published regulations and started to work under the leadership of the state. The importance of licensed warehouses has increased with the sustainable agriculture approach, which is among Turkey's 2023 Strategic Goals. In Turkey, their number has been increasing in recent years and the licensed warehousing system is of great importance in terms of agricultural products. In this study, the theoretical dimension of the licensed warehousing system and the producers delivering cereals to LİDAŞ operating in Kırşehir Mucur district were evaluated. The sample of the research consists of 70 producers who deliver products to LİDAŞ in the region. When the results obtained are examined, 61.40% of the producers cannot store, 45.70% keep their products at LİDAŞ for an average of 1-3 months, the most important support tool is withholding tax, 80.00% is pricing. It has been determined that LİDAŞ does not have any influence on the cereal planting decision of 60.00%. In addition, other problems of the producers, procedural problems, analysis fees, loading and unloading fees, warehouse rental fees and withholding costs create a negative situation for the producer. The real decline in the amount of support comes to the fore as negative thoughts about working personnel, low capacity in storage facilities and narrow product range to be stored. It can be said that the tendency towards licensed warehousing activities will increase with the solution of these problems.


Licensed warehousing; LİDAŞ; Storage; Cereals; Producer

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