Relationships of Alizarin Test Scores with Somatic Cell Count in Bovine Milk

Baqdaulet Sadikov, Savaş Atasever


The aim of this study was to reveal the association of alizarin test scores (ATS) with somatic cell scores (SCC) in bovine milk. The milk samples (n=60) were collected from three milk selling points in Samsun province of Turkey in two test days (TD). To obtain ATS, change of colour in milk after adding dye solution were used (ATS 1: red-brown/normal, ATS 2: yellow/acidic, and ATS 3: violet/alkali). To test for reliability of ATS by acidity, pH values of the samples were measured with a standard pH meter. In SCC analyses, direct microscopic cell counting was applied. Of examined parameters, only SCC was differed by TD, and both pH and SCC were differed by the location. According to ATP groups, pH and SCC means were also changed. Finally, estimated weak (r=0.247) correlation coefficient between ATS and SCC pointed out that ATS data are not suitable to detect quality degree of bovine milk samples.


Cow milk; Acidity; Somatic cell count; Milk quality; Milk analysis

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